In this episode of Your Business, Your Wealth, Paul and Cory talk about how cash and liquidity can be utilized to further enhance wealth. They review the multiple assets that can yield above average returns, including bonds, laddered CDs, home equity lines of credit, and whole life insurance. Paul and Cory end with some actionable advice that listeners can follow to ensure their cash doesn’t go stale.


  • 03:06 – Today’s topic: Is Your Cash Going Stale
  • 04:10 – The importance of liquidity
  • 05:54 – This Week in Planning
  • 08:53 – The misconception about cash sitting in a savings account
  • 10:38 – Paul explains the metaphor of a river flowing down a mountain into a lake
  • 13:31 – Strategically looking at rates of return on your investments
  • 16:01 – Paul discusses other possibilities with cash and liquidity
  • 20:39 – Cory interrupts the podcast to provide the audience with a special offer
  • 22:11 – Cory speaks to the value of Stillwater
  • 23:50 – Option 1: Bonds
  • 25:25 – Option 2: Academically allocated globally diversified portfolios
  • 26:54 – Cory defines laddered CDs
  • 27:37 – Acquiring a home equity line of credit
  • 29:11 – Option 3: Whole life insurance
  • 30:54 – Paul identifies why banks deal in tier one capital assets
  • 32:59 – Paul leaves the audience with some actionable advice
  • 34:43 – Paul explains why whole life insurance has been a prominent topic on the last few podcast episodes
  • 36:18 – Paul announces a special giveaway to those who leave a podcast review


“Money that’s not growing is shrinking.”

“Some of the things we do that are illiquid not only require cash now but may require cash over time. That doesn’t mean we should never do them. What it does mean is we have to make sure we have our balance sheet prepared for what it is we’re gonna do.”

“The value in your home can be a resource if looked at and developed as a part of your balance sheet properly.”

“No one else that we know of, who has the reach that we have on this podcast, is talking about being able to use life insurance the way corporations use it.”


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