In this first ever debunkisode of the Sound Financial Bites Podcast, Paul and Cory debunk the myth that whole life insurance is a bad financial investment to make. They dissect and analyze an article that lists eight specific reasons that support the argument that whole life insurance is not a sound investment. By taking a deep dive into each of these reasons, Paul and Cory are able to give a more detailed and full picture of whole life insurance as a savvy investment in the right circumstances.


  • 01:27 – Paul introduces today’s topic: Debunking the article, ‘Why Whole Life Insurance Is a Bad Investment’
  • 02:39 – Paul lists the eight reasons this article utilizes to reinforce this assertion
  • 03:17 – Cory talks about the other ways life insurance can be beneficial
  • 05:01 – Reason 1: Whole life insurance is undiversified
  • 06:22 – Diversification defined by the author of this article
  • 09:07 – Reason 2: Whole life insurance returns are not guaranteed
  • 11:12 – Cory asks Paul about the worst case scenario of purchasing life insurance
  • 13:52 – Reason 3: Positive returns take a long time to appear
  • 15:14 – How whole life insurance can produce positive returns
  • 17:44 – Reason 4: Illiquidity
  • 19:49 – Cory interrupts the podcast to provide the audience with a special offer
  • 21:33 – Reason 5: Less cash flow flexibility
  • 26:09 – Reason 6: The claim of tax-free withdrawals is misleading
  • 30:25 – Cory addresses the concept of convertibility
  • 32:57 – Reason 7: Lack of transparency
  • 36:28 – Reason 8: There are plenty of other options
  • 37:15 – The importance of planning for mid-term investment buckets
  • 38:01 – Cory invites the audience to subscribe and review the Sound Financial Bites Podcast


“It’s not meant to compete with our stock market investments or real estate investments. It’s meant to be a completely different type of non-correlated book value asset that has liquidity.”

“Whole life can be a catalyst to let other money on our balance sheet work better.”

“Newsflash: Mortality is a midpoint, not an endpoint.”

“That’s the thing that all the big Wirehouse’s, investment management and mutual fund companies don’t want to teach you is that you’d be better off spending your money in your old age than just leaving it there at interest with them ad infinitum.”


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Why Whole Life Insurance Is a Bad Investment

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