In this episode of Your Business, Your Wealth, Paul and Cory break down the top one hundred mistakes to avoid to help get your finances in order. Breaking this down into four segments, the second set of twenty-five mistakes cover a variety of topics from the importance of creating a business plan for your career to making sound decisions when purchasing a home. They talk about building a spending plan rather than a budget, and choosing self-discipline over self-indulgence. Finally, Cory and Paul speak to the vital role insurance plays in our financial lives.


  • 01:21 – Today’s topic: Top 100 Personal Financial Mistakes To Avoid, Part Two
  • 01:39 – This Week In Planning
  • 04:43 – Number Twenty-Six: Not doing a business plan for your career each year
  • 05:46 – Number Twenty-Seven: Not including in that business plan the ways you are personally going to invest in yourself
  • 07:14 – Number Twenty-Eight: Spend on immediate satisfaction rather than build wealth to afford dreams, not just right now, and building contentment
  • 08:39 – Number Twenty-Nine: Not talking to your spouse about current and future financial concerns
  • 10:24 – Number Thirty: Thinking that cars others drive or the homes they live in are an indication of their assets
  • 11:47 – Number Thirty-One:  Access home equity for consumption
  • 13:17 – Number Thirty-Two: Buy new cars without saving twenty percent-plus of gross income
  • 14:28 – Number Thirty-Three: Not planning for your financial future
  • 15:57 – Number Thirty-Four: Build a budget rather than a spending plan
  • 17:20 – Number Thirty-Five: We need to talk about money
  • 18:14 – Number Thirty-Six: Buy a home thinking the cost is the monthly payment you’re paying
  • 19:22 – Number Thirty-Seven: Buying a home because you think you have to
  • 20:36 – Number Thirty-Eight: Spend more than fifteen percent of your gross income on your primary residence
  • 21:45 – Number Thirty-Nine: Not learning how to do simple future value and loan payment calculations
  • 22:54 – Number Forty: Think you will only live to age eighty-five
  • 24:02 – Number Forty-One: Accept anyone’s financial opinions
  • 25:19 – Number Forty-Two: Choosing self-indulgence rather than self-discipline
  • 26:32 – Number Forty-Three: Allow your mood or self-worth to be tied to your stuff
  • 28:32 – Number Forty-Four: Reward your kids with stuff rather than quality time
  • 29:52: – Number Forty-Five: Allow your kids to get new toys without having them choose which toys they’re going to give away
  • 31:04 – Number Forty-Six: Not finding the opportunity in the market downfalls
  • 33:44 – Number Forty-Seven: Think that you can have upside volatility without downside volatility
  • 35:08 – Jeff Miller interrupts the podcast to provide the audience with a special offer
  • 36:13 – Number Forty-Eight: Have deductibles too low on your car and home owner’s insurance
  • 37:49 – Number Forty-Nine: Have upper limits too low on your car and home owner’s insurance
  • 38:46 – Number Fifty: Put off buying life, disability, or health insurance
  • 40:50 – Cory reminds the audience of a special giveaway opportunity



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