In this episode of Your Business, Your Wealth, Paul and Cory break down the top one hundred mistakes to avoid to help get your finances in order. Breaking this down into four segments, the third set of twenty-five mistakes cover a variety of topics from the importance of knowing your credit score to how to be financially responsible when planning a wedding. They talk about how to avoid the comparison trap when it comes to personal balance sheets. Finally, Paul and Cory speak to the value of sharing your career and financial goals with your family, friends and loved ones so that you can gain their help and support.


  • 01:29 – Today’s topic: Top 100 Personal Financial Mistakes To Avoid, Part Three
  • 03:30 – Number Fifty-One: Retire poor and sick
  • 04:43 – Number Fifty-Two: Not spending enough time outdoors
  • 06:00 – Number Fifty-Three: Late fees: Attacks on the lazy and disorganized
  • 07:17 – Number Fifty-Four:  Not realizing that gambling is a lifestyle spending decision
  • 08:36 – Number Fifty-Five:  Buying individual stock
  • 09:47 – Number Fifty-Six: Allow your employer’s stock to make up more than one hundred thousand or ten percent of your net worth, whichever is higher
  • 11:26 – Number Fifty-Seven: Think that a down market equals losses/Number Fifty-Eight: Think that an up market equals wins
  • 13:44 – Number Fifty-Nine: Thinking wine is a liquid asset
  • 16:07 – Number Sixty: Not knowing your credit score
  • 17:35 – Cory the Heat Miser
  • 18:35 – Number Sixty-One: Getting a graduate degree as a strategy to delay the hard work of your career
  • 19:52 – Number Sixty-Two: Miss out on your employer match
  • 21:42 – Number Sixty-Three: Putting your kid’s education above your own retirement
  • 22:42 – Jeff Miller interrupts the podcast to provide the audience with a special offer
  • 24:11 – Number Sixty-Four: Get married without talking about your money
  • 25:13 – Number Sixty-Five:  Spend too much money on your wedding
  • 26:34 – An interesting study that Paul read about finances and weddings
  • 27:20 – Number Sixty-Six: Not talking to your parents about long-term care plans in advance of needing them
  • 28:47 – Number Sixty-Seven: Replacing your car too soon
  • 30:04 – Number Sixty-Eight:  Fail to count the latte losses on your balance sheet/Number Sixty-Nine: Allow old bank drafts for things you no longer use  
  • 32:06: – Number Seventy: Comparing yourself to somebody else
  • 33:48 – Number Seventy-One: Get divorced
  • 35:52 – Number Seventy-Two: Not having an objective for money being put away for asset acquisition every month
  • 36:56 – Number Seventy-Three:  Allow just one person in the home to know where the money is going
  • 38:02 – Number Seventy-Four: Not talking about your career and financial goals with your spouse
  • 40:06 – Number Seventy-Five: Not talking about your career and financial goals with your closest friends



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